Pioneer World Tour

Pioneer World Tour


Almost a year ago, The Maine came to Manila for LIV3, a mall concert with NeverShoutNever and We The Kings. Now they’re coming back and it will be a solo concert oh my god!!!

So now the Philippines is part of their PIONEER world tour.

and it will all happen on March 31, a Saturday (Yes for once we will have a concert on a Saturday lol) in the Skydome (it’s in SM North)

I seriously CANNOT wait.

Two days ago they told us to wait for a massive news and this morning, me, Reign, Victoria, and Jaica were all emotional inside the bathroom because Pat tweeted that it is official and that we can start buying tickets already.


In the poster (the one above), they officially said that if we have a Patron A ticket for We Are The In Crowd and Set Your Goal’s concert, WE CAN GET IN THE MAINE’S CONCERT FOR FREE!! So I immediately called my dad and I ended up crying and telling him about the concert and I asked him if I can reserve a ticket (you can reserve a ticket here) for WATIC & SYG’s concert and he said yes!! So now I am going to We Are The In Crowd and Set Your Goal’s concert on June 2 AND I’ll be able to go to The Maine’s concert too!!!

I seriously never thought that something like this would happen and I’m really thankful that they’re (the producers) are doing this. Massive thanks to them!


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