I Am Baaaaaaaaaaack!!

I’m sorry. I know. I promised to post something new every, single, day… but time’s been tough and we’ve been doing soooo much school work (not to mention the English Speech we were required to do and the upcoming Filipino Speech)! But no need to worry cause I’m back and there’s a lot of things to be said and a lot more books and movies to talk about.

Did I mention that we only have 2 more weeks until school ends?? Yes you heard that right! 2 more weeks and hell will be over and summer will start and my life will be better. harharhar I know that sounds really cliche and weird but I’m really stoked for Summer 2012. I even made a Bucket List that I have to finish before the new school year starts!!

Anyway, this day’s been really “”chill”” cause our teachers didn’t really make us do anything and I just finished one of the greatest books on earth and I’m really happy and I hope no one ruins it and yeah… it’s all great


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