Chain Bracelet

Since my love for Do It Yourself projects has returned, I immediately looked at my closet for anything that I can use to make something and I found my old accessories making kit. That thing’s filled with chains and threads and locks and charms, I actually forgot that it existed. When I found those, I immediately made a bracelet!

What You Need:


Scissors, Chains (make sure the chains are cut already, cut so that it can fit your wrist), Craft Cord (or thread for cross-stitching, that works too)




Locks (any type of lock will do, but I prefer these)

What You Have To Do:


Measure 36 – 48 inches of the thread and then cut it. Fold it in half and then align the chains and then start inserting the thread through the holes of the chains, do something like a running stitch.


When you finish one colour, put another chain beside the one you made and then using another colour of thread, insert it through the chains. (Sometimes it will be hard to insert the thread so I suggest you use a needle or a safety pin to pull the thread through the holes 🙂 )


When you’re done with that side, do the same on the other side!

*You can use any colour for the thread, any pattern too! But for now I used the white-black-white pattern*


When you’re done with that side, that means you’re almost there! Now all you have to do is out a lock on it.

If you did what I did, you will have 4 chains and what I did was, I put all 4 chains on each end in a metal circle. After that I put the lock on one side, and viola! You can now lock your bracelet.


Here’s how it’s gonna look like when it’s done! 🙂


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