Do It Yourself

So last night, I was looking through the March 2012 issue of Candy ( ) . And as I was about to put it down, I saw their list of “All The Best-est!”, this list shows all the great new websites and blogs that you should visit and among them is I Spy D.I.Y.


I’ve always been into D.I.Y.’s and as of right now, I’m running a little short on money so that means no clothes or anything at all 😦 BUT with D.I.Y. projects, you can have new clothes and accessories for a waaay cheaper price! PLUS you’ll get to customize it! And in this website, I learned that you can do so much more with a simple cookie cutter or shoelaces or all of the things you wouldn’t have thought of!


See those things above? Those are all D.I.Y. projects by Jenni Radosevich, the owner of I Spy D.I.Y. and one of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered (on the world wide web haha). It’s amazing what you can do and the possibilities are endless!! This website brought back my love for Do It Yourself projects and I (kind of) already started again.

So when you’re short on ca$h and you are dying to get new stuff on your closet or if you’re just bored or if you want to have fun but you don’t know how, always remember that Do It Yourself projects are always at the tip of your fingers. 🙂


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