Denim Bow

Bows are everywhere right now! People use them as rings, hair clips, necklaces, and whatnot. I’ve been planning to buy bows but I always forget to do so and since I have so much spare time (and materials), I thought, why not just make bows? So last night I made my very first hand-sewn denim bow.

What you need:


Sewing materials (thread and needle), Scissors, used Denim*

*cut a square (it depends on how big you want the bow to be) and a strip around half an inch wide

What you need to do:

Measure 1cm on all sides, Pin it, and do a running stitch



It’s gonna look like that when you’re done sewing all sides!


Fold it 3 time in the middle so now it looks like a bow!

(you can also fold it twice if you want)


Wrap the half an inch strip of denim around the folds you made.


Sew the folded strip of denim at the back of your bow. Make sure the end is there and now in front.


Your bow will look like this when you’re done!

Now you can turn it into whatever you want it to be! 🙂


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