Ever since I knew about tie-dyes and dip-dyes (for clothes… imagine tie-dyeing your hair omg) I’ve made it one of my life’s mission to find dyes in this country. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to find some but one day my friend sent me a text that says she found dyes in National Bookstore so last Saturday I went to NBS at Market! Market! and bought several packets immediately!! Now I can do tie-dye and dip-dye!! (I feel like a D.I.Y. freak now but whatever D.I.Y. is fuuunnn)


AND I went to Fully Booked High Street and I saw this!!


That’s a book called FUCK The World and it’s seriously very entertaining. It’s filled with random signs from different places and they changed some words to “fuck” so that the definition will change too. Here are some pages from the book:




And coincidentally, it was “Free Comic Book Day” in Fully Booked so we got a free comic book and since I lost one of my favourite books (I know that’s weird but I seriously don’t know where my old copy went) I bought another one! (It’s The Carrie Diaries, it’s like my life plan written right there on that book haha)


That day was pretty productive.. 🙂


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