Snow White and the Huntsman

Retelling of fairy tales is pretty in right now. Just this year, 2 Snow White movies were released! The first one is Mirror, Mirror starring Lily Collins and the second one is Snow White and The Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart. I’ve watched both but I must say that what really left an impression on me was Snow White and The Huntsman.


It’s pretty much like all the fairy tales, a really beautiful girl with an evil step mother who kills her father and now she’s all locked up in a tower in their castle. The evil step mother is so evil that after the King died, everything (nature, the people in some way) died with him. But then one day the queen’s mirror revealed that only Snow White can kill her or make her immortal so she asked someone to get the girl for her but Snow White escapes and then she meets this huntsman and then they had an quite an adventure going to the other kingdom that still fights in the name of her dead father.

It may sound like another fairy tale but honestly, they have more adventures than 3 Princess movies combined.

But before they reach the castle, the evil step mother caught up with Snow White while she was walking around the place where they were resting. She made her eat an apple that triggers a memory from her childhood and then she gets poisoned and dies. Her childhood friend kisses her but she did not wake up. She was then brought to the other kingdom where her childhood friend stays and is pretty much the only kingdom left that still fights in her father’s name. But while she was dead and lying down in one of the rooms, the huntsman kissed her and boom! She lives! And then she talks to everyone about saving the people and everyone bows before her in shocked silence. And then they charge to her evil step mother’s kingdom and then after some battle, the queen dies. And then Snow White becomes the queen and they all live happily ever after.

Notice how I didn’t say who she ends up with.

That is because she does NOT end up with anyone!!! (Although there was this huge hint that it will be the huntsman,) the story ends without saying what’s gonna happen with Snow White’s love life.


That was one of the things that really caught my attention. It’s not everyday that you watch a fairy tale where the princess leads a whole kingdom to battle and does not end up with anyone. Their adventures where really cool too! I liked the part where they were in the Faerie’s place with the dwarfs. It was really pretty there…

The effects were not that bad too! The Dark Forest was actually scary and the costumes were great. (Although I have no idea how Snow White got those pants she was wearing, that is still a mystery to me)

(main) Characters:


Kristen Stewart as Snow White

Kristen Stewart is one of my favourite actresses. I like her movies and her awkwardness really left a mark on me. So when it was announced that she will be Snow White, I immediately told myself that I will watch this. She looked ah-mazing as Snow White. Snow-white skin, really black hair, and really pink/red lips. She was great! (although she was pretty awkward, it was still nice.)

Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman

He was AMAZING as the huntsman. As Thor, he has a hammer. As the Huntsman, he has an ax. When I saw the poster where he was holding an ax, I was laughing so hard cause in almost every movie he’s in, there’s a hammer or ax and idk I find it amusing. I was convinced that he was a huntsman so yes I guess he was great.

Charlize Theron as Ravenna a.k.a. The Evil Step Mother

I am in lesbians with her. Ravenna is really beautiful and cunning and wow Charlize was really good at portraying this character. She was really convincing, she looked like it too!! The Evil Step Mother was great (even if there were some parts that made me just go “WHY”)

Sam Claflin as William a.k.a. Snow White’s childhood friend

William, the son of the Duke that still fights in the name of Snow White’s dead father, is Snow White’s childhood friend who left when Ravenna took over the kingdom (no he did not leave her). They all thought Snow White was dead, but she wasn’t. So when he heard that she was alive, he did some things that in the end lead him to her. Sam Claflin was good. Yes, he did look like a prince that missed his childhood friend and probably the love of his love. He also looks fab omg.

Snow White and the Huntsman is an OK movie. I wouldn’t say it’s A++ but I would give it a B++. It was entertaining nonetheless. You should all still check it out though! 🙂


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