Studs and spikes are  e v e r y w h e r e  right now and unfortunately, I can’t find any studs or spikes in the Philippines (except the ones that are on the shirt/bracelet/bag/shorts already)… I also tried looking for some online and I found something but it was just too expensive…

So I tried using another material: thumbtacks.


I first thought of this months ago.. as a joke.

Thumbtacks may seem unsafe (and most of the time they are) but after trying to figure things out, I found out that you can use thumbtacks on your clothes/bags/accessories in a safe way! It’s seriously just like studs and spikes, even the way you fasten it.

That bag is the first thing I tried the thumbtacks experiment on and it’s not that bad! (yes that row of gold circles are the thumbtacks haha)

Thumbtacks are definitely the new (cheap) studs. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thumbtacks

  1. how about the back?im trying to put some thumbtacks on my shoes since the studs at my country are very expensive…could u tell me how did u seal at the back of the bag?

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