Well Today Was Interesting

a lot of things happened today…

first: I woke up at around 2 in the morning because I fell asleep at around 6pm last night and so I went online because I cannot sleep anymore and they announced about Pope Francis I! I watched a livestream of the announcement (kind of) and it was actually nice. I then proceeded to DIY a skirt from scratch and it was a success! I now have a skirt and I wore a skirt out  for the first time today (besides our uniform).

second: I went to Chryss’ house. I was late again. it was really bad. we had fun though and we baked cupcakes and it was fun. hanging out with mah friends is always the best!!

third: it was our class gathering with our “brother section” and it was fun and stuff but it got really emotional towards the end…… I think it’s still getting emotional right now……. things got weird but I met new people but still it was weird…….. in a bad and good way…… does that make sense?


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