Today I was feeling worse than usual. I mean I’ve had this nagging feeling in me but at the same time I felt so void of emotions and I just don’t know what to do about it anymore so earlier, I asked my friend some questions that will apparently lead to self destruction and then all of a sudden she gave me some words of encouragement and I didn’t know that’s what I needed until I got her messages and I guess it was the best thing that can happen to me tonight.

AND THEN, all of my other friends sent me words of encouragement and I honestly have never felt that loved – it was the best!!

I was on my way to starting the wrong path tonight and I did not even notice it. If my friend never pointed it out I would have been stuck in the hole I’ve been digging for myself and there would be no way out. I thank God for all of these unexpected things. Life can surely give so much surprises at the right time…….. sure this rarely happens but I guess today’s events proved that when you’re really about to fall off the cliff, someone out there will pull you back before you actually do.


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