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Today I was feeling worse than usual. I mean I’ve had this nagging feeling in me but at the same time I felt so void of emotions and I just don’t know what to do about it anymore so earlier, I asked my friend some questions that will apparently lead to self destruction and then all of a sudden she gave me some words of encouragement and I didn’t know that’s what I needed until I got her messages and I guess it was the best thing that can happen to me tonight.

AND THEN, all of my other friends sent me words of encouragement and I honestly have never felt that loved – it was the best!!

I was on my way to starting the wrong path tonight and I did not even notice it. If my friend never pointed it out I would have been stuck in the hole I’ve been digging for myself and there would be no way out. I thank God for all of these unexpected things. Life can surely give so much surprises at the right time…….. sure this rarely happens but I guess today’s events proved that when you’re really about to fall off the cliff, someone out there will pull you back before you actually do.

Well Today Was Interesting

a lot of things happened today…

first: I woke up at around 2 in the morning because I fell asleep at around 6pm last night and so I went online because I cannot sleep anymore and they announced about Pope Francis I! I watched a livestream of the announcement (kind of) and it was actually nice. I then proceeded to DIY a skirt from scratch and it was a success! I now have a skirt and I wore a skirt out  for the first time today (besides our uniform).

second: I went to Chryss’ house. I was late again. it was really bad. we had fun though and we baked cupcakes and it was fun. hanging out with mah friends is always the best!!

third: it was our class gathering with our “brother section” and it was fun and stuff but it got really emotional towards the end…… I think it’s still getting emotional right now……. things got weird but I met new people but still it was weird…….. in a bad and good way…… does that make sense?

It’s Back

I’ve been feeling worse every day. I think it’s back. Whatever was haunting me before – the one that made me feel 1203981 times more irritated and annoyed and mad at everything – it has returned D:

Also, I’ve never been the type of person to have dreams. I never have dreams actually, like I actually asked my parents and friends what must be wrong with me because I never have dreams!! But while I was studying for our World War 2 test, I was halfway through reading the whole thing until I fell asleep. I had this dream wherein I was part of the war, but not as a soldier fighting anymore. Everyone I know was dying or tortured and it was the worst I’ve ever felt about anything. Last night I had another dream. Someone really close to my heart died and I really don’t know what to do. I shouldn’t look too much into it I know but it’s just that it’s really freaking me out I do not know what to do 😦 😦 😦

You Can’t Have Your Cake and Pie and Ice Cream and Eat It Too

Seriously – that’s just wrong and rude and wrong. Stop it it’s not even funny anymore. You don’t get to tell people to do this and do that and get mad at them because you think they’re not listening to you even if they are but you can’t see that because you don’t look at the whole picture at all. Just stop. Please.

Make Good Choices

Today was the last day of our intramurals and they made this guy named Francis Kong talk for the closing ceremony. He was a great speaker. He talked about how winning and losing in life is really all just about the choices you make every day.

And today I was faced with ‘difficult’ choices. I had to choose between my friends and a concert I wanted to go to. When life hands you free concert tickets but you planned something before hand, I suggest you think about things first.

I chose the concert. Of course I picked the concert I mean that’s Paramore and they haven’t toured in a long time and I wasn’t able to watch the last time they went here so yes I picked them. I have no regrets whatsoever with watching the concert because they were beautiful and it made me appreciate a lot of things more. Including friends.

Last year I have decided that I will not regret anything anymore. I will just try to accept things as they are and make sure that I stand up for the choices I make. So this belief of mine stuck to me when I made my decision. When I picked the concert of course there were consequences. I had friends problems and I didn’t like the feeling I felt. It was my guilt eating me up all over again. I don’t like it. After the concert, I realized that there are just some habits of people that I can hardly tolerate and I really wish I knew about them earlier.

When you’re making choices, I suggest you know and think about what you’re doing before you give a final answer. Make sure that other people’s schedule will not be affected badly because of your impulsiveness – believe me, I learned it the hard way. So here’s to you and your future decisions. Make great choices!

Weird Thoughts At 3 In The Morning

This is the history of water on the Planet Mars according to NASA

(b.y.a. = Billion Years Ago)


And I thought………

What if humans were originally from Mars but global warming or something like that happened and people found out that Earth is somewhat like Mars too so everyone moved to Earth and then Mars dried up and then it turned into the red planet now and our ancestors are just keeping everything a secret

W H A T  I F

The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver

no this is not the candy and no not the song of All Time Low either (although I am telling you ALL to go and check out All Time Low’s Don’t Panic! It’s their latest album and I would say it’s totally worth your while!) I also think Don’t Panic! deserves a separate post hahaha

Anyhow, it’s been 2 months since my last post and I am deeply sorry about that 😦 We’ve been very busy in school and everything has been going downhill and I just didn’t know what to say anymore.

Term 2 just started and the 2 most important Forms are finally over so I guess I owe you guys several posts… and I’ll start with this!

OH! Me and my friends, Kimberly and Daniela, are starting a shop soon! We just finished the photoshoot earlier and we can’t wait to launch it! Watch out for Ombré you guys 🙂

Anyway, my life’s been pretty up and down these past few months… You would think everything was going well since I don’t really post much about my life but hey, everyone’s got their own slice of the bitter cake. It sucks. There are these people in my life who I think are there to help me out but I guess I just suck at responding to everything properly because instead of getting out of this deep hole that I’m in, I just end up falling deeper…. ergo the title.

Thank god there are concerts though. I just went to one of the best concerts ever. It was the Bazooka Rocks Festival and I was on the barricades from 12:30 noon until 11:30 pm. Yup! That’s 11 hours of just standing up! Thank god those people on stage were nice enough to give us unused water bottles when we asked for one… (There’ll be a post about that too don’t worry haha!)

I also started on a photo blog! Check it out here:

Life is weird again but oh well I just can’t wait for this to end I guess


Marc Johns (and his not so) Serious Drawings

As I was scrolling through my dashboard on Tumblr, I came across this awesome drawing that really caught my attention;


ever since I saw it that day, it immediately became my life motto.

I searched for the artist right away and I ended up on his site!

Have you ever experienced those moments when you see something for the first time and you immediately think “Wow that is so relevant I can’t really explain it but it’s like my whole life’s described/written there“? Going through his drawings were is one of those moments for me… He makes really interesting works of art that I find really amusing and although they’re simple, they’re all definitely worth a million words.


Marc Johns’ work has been everywhere apparently… From New York to Athens to Vancouver, his work’s been exhibited in a lot of places!! His works were also featured in several publications like Newsweek, National Geographic, and The New York Times.

He makes these things with pens and watercolour and… wow just look at these and these will explain everything that I’m trying to say hahaha



Marc Johns is one of my favourite artists now 🙂 🙂


He also has a book! It’s out of stock everywhere though 😦 BUT, try checking out other bookstores and online shops! **it’s quite pricey so yeah**


Make sure to go and check out Marc Johns Serious Drawings!!

The Amazing Spider-Man

Movies about super heroes (from both Marvel and DC), are on the loose right now. It’s like a super hero movie will show every 3 months now!! Nonetheless, I still enjoy every single one of them (and I’m pretty sure you do too! hahaha)


10 years ago, the very first Spider-Man movie premiered (wow I feel so old all of a sudden hahaha) and 2 more films followed. 5 years after the last was shown, you would think that there will be no more Spider-Man films, but surprise surprise! They decided to create a whole new one, and this time, it was more like the comic book version! (I think that’s great because I still believe that movie adaptations should stick to the written work as much as they can.)

Like the title, “The Amazing Spider-Man” is actually the original title of the comic book! And no, Peter Parker did not shoot webs out of his wrists, he actually invented a machine or whatever you call that in the comic book, and that was clearly shown in the movie. The villain in the latest Spidey movie is almost like the one on the comic book too! Mary Jane was not the first of Spider-Man either, it was Gwen Stacy a.k.a. Emma Stone. And apparently, Spider-Man started when he was a teenager, not someone who’s already working. (Source)

So, Marc Webber (no pun intended) and all the writers of the The Amazing Spider-Man, great job!

The world premiere date for the latest Spider-Man movie is the 3rd of July, but 2 days ago, it premiered here in the Philippines. I have been waiting for this movie since forever and yesterday, I was finally able to watch it!


This is by far, my favourite Spider-Man movie and I am going to watch it again and I will make sure it’s in 3D. The effects were good, like really good. Costume, props, and all of those were A+ as well. The story line was great! (I actually prefer this version over the original version sorry.)

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have GREAT chemistry on and off screen oh my god THEY WERE PERFECT. The rooftop and the bedroom floor scenes were adorable and sweet and you will clearly see the ~chemistry~ I was talking about.


This movie did not only stick to the comic book version, it also added a modern twist and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love it.



Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and Peter Parker

Andrew Garfield is one of my favourite actors and I was so excited when they announced that he will be the new Spider-Man so I really couldn’t explain how I acted while waiting for the movie to start yesterday, I think my mom even asked me if I was alright and at some point the straw of my drink broke, like there were cracks all over it. Oh my god. Andrew really showed the awkward and intellectual side of Peter Parker as as teenager and I salute him for that.  Despite living in England most of his life,  his American accent was really, really good. He was also an A+++++++ Spider-Man. The lycra suit suited him well…. There were some scenes where he needed to cry and that was really believable…. He’s a great actor.


Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

I love love love Emma Stone she’s like one of my role models and I love her with Andrew Garfield and I am so glad, no not only glad, I cannot even describe how happy I am that they’re together and in The Amazing Spider-Man they were just perfect and oh my god. Her hair was really blonde but she had to dye it for some of her movies but for this one, she went back to her real hair colour. She was a perfect Gwen Stacy. She played the role really well. I cannot wait for the second movie!


Rhys Ifans as The Lizard and Dr. Curt Connors

I think it’s just me and this is probably weird but he honestly looked like a cross between Ryan Gosling and a relative of Draco Malfoy to me.

ANYWAY, Rhys Ifans was pretty good! I was convinced that he was really going mad and he really missed his arm and yeah… The effects were amazing too! Like when he was transforming into The Lizard, it was interesting…


So make sure you watch this movie! It’s one A+++ movie and something you should not miss. Also make sure that you don’t leave immediately because they will show some clip hinting that there will be a sequel!! 🙂