Cuffs and Collars and Pockets

Tomorrow is the Candy Style Awards and I am actually really excited. It’s been my dream to work for magazines for quite some time now and I thought, why not do something now? I thought the Candy Style Awards tomorrow will be a nice way to see how it is in that world and I immediately decided that I should give it a go.

Since that’s an event where we can celebrate fashion and all of those, I kind of panicked because I had nothing to wear. I don’t own a dress or flats or skirts or anything semi-formal so I tried to think of something. I thought an over sized t-shirt that will look like a dress on me will do and I’ll just add some designs, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a shirt like that. Since I only had 2 days left to think of an outfit, I looked through my dad’s closet to look for something, in there I found a long sleeved, white, button-down and with the help of my auntie, decided to customize it.

This is what the shirt looked like before I customized it:


What I used/ What you need: 


Newspapers, Gold/Bronze spray paint (normal paint can work too 🙂 ), Black paint, Paint brush (not the thick ones)

optional materials:

Folders or Cardboard (so that it won’t stain at the back), Masking tape or Scotch tape

What to do:


Start on the cuffs of the shirt, I honestly think it’s easier that way.

Wrap several layers of masking tape or scotch tape around the edge of the cuffs so that the paint won’t go over the cuffs of the shirt. (You can also put a cardboard or a piece of folder in the middle so that it won’t stain inside)

Then you can start to spray-paint or paint it! Be careful and make sure it won’t go over your tape.

Make sure you put paint on both sides and then let it dry.

Then you can work on the collar. Put tape around it too so that the paint won’t go over the collar. Let it dry after you pain on it. (*I am so sorry I don’t have a photo for this, I forgot to take a photo while doing this step, this will never happen again 😦 )


That’s how your shirt is suppose to look like after it’s dry.


For the pocket, put a piece of folder inside the pocket (make sure it fits just right). Put tape around the pocket and then paint it gold.


When the gold paint dries, you can now paint cheetah spots on it. It’s pretty easy, don’t worry 🙂 you can use the photo on top as your guide!

Let it dry.


After it dries, remove all of the tape and folders and this is how the shirt will look like!! 🙂

When I finished this shirt I was so happy. Not only because I thought no one will wear the exact same thing because I made it, but also because I know that I worked hard on it. Who knew making your own clothes would be fun?



Do It Yourself

So last night, I was looking through the March 2012 issue of Candy ( ) . And as I was about to put it down, I saw their list of “All The Best-est!”, this list shows all the great new websites and blogs that you should visit and among them is I Spy D.I.Y.


I’ve always been into D.I.Y.’s and as of right now, I’m running a little short on money so that means no clothes or anything at all 😦 BUT with D.I.Y. projects, you can have new clothes and accessories for a waaay cheaper price! PLUS you’ll get to customize it! And in this website, I learned that you can do so much more with a simple cookie cutter or shoelaces or all of the things you wouldn’t have thought of!


See those things above? Those are all D.I.Y. projects by Jenni Radosevich, the owner of I Spy D.I.Y. and one of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered (on the world wide web haha). It’s amazing what you can do and the possibilities are endless!! This website brought back my love for Do It Yourself projects and I (kind of) already started again.

So when you’re short on ca$h and you are dying to get new stuff on your closet or if you’re just bored or if you want to have fun but you don’t know how, always remember that Do It Yourself projects are always at the tip of your fingers. 🙂