Always A Little Too Late

A few weeks back, me and my friends were talking about summer jobs and how we needed money badly. Someone said something about Topshop accepting people our age just for the summer and damn that definitely worked us out.

I forgot all about it because so much was going on and yesterday, while I was in Trinoma, we passed by Topshop and I remembered about our summer plans! I immediately asked about the summer job thing but sadly, the guy told us that it ended “2 weeks ago”. That put me down for a while, but I thought what the hell, I’ll just find another one! and then I went on with my window shopping.

After a while I went back to Topshop because I wanted to check this one shirt. While I was looking through the racks for the second time, one of the sales clerks approached me and told me that it was still ongoing and that I should go to Robinsons Galleria because that’s where they accept the application forms. I immediately went to my dad because I really wanted that summer job. Being 15 years old, no other stores will accept me so I wanted to take the chance…. also because I needed concert money and the experience because 1.) Topshop is on of my favourite shops and 2.) I think it will be a good way to participate in life and it will be one helluva ride/experience.

So today, I went to Robinsons Galleria in the hopes of going home with a job this summer…… but sadly they told me that they stopped accepting aplication forms last March 18. 8 DAYS AGO. I can’t believe it. Maybe if I asked a week earlier, I could have gotten a job in Topshop….. so after that I ended up roaming around and my feet brought me to /bestselers, a bookstore, and there I finished reading Babe in Boyland. After that I bought some fries and went home.

This really sucks and I feel bad but I did learn two things:

a. Do things earlier and don’t forget the plans you made

b. it’s not for me. Maybe this summer is not the summer I’ll work for Topshop, but something will happen and my life will be interesting. 🙂




It’s been years since I started asking random band dudes weird questions… and for the first time one of the answered!! And it’s George Craig!!

George Craig is the vocalist of One Night Only, one of my favourite bands (you should check them out, they’re amazing!!).

I asked him one of my weird questions… which is if he like potatoes.

I can’t believe I asked him that out of all the things I could have asked him hahahaha


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