Well Today Was Interesting

a lot of things happened today…

first: I woke up at around 2 in the morning because I fell asleep at around 6pm last night and so I went online because I cannot sleep anymore and they announced about Pope Francis I! I watched a livestream of the announcement (kind of) and it was actually nice. I then proceeded to DIY a skirt from scratch and it was a success! I now have a skirt and I wore a skirt out  for the first time today (besides our uniform).

second: I went to Chryss’ house. I was late again. it was really bad. we had fun though and we baked cupcakes and it was fun. hanging out with mah friends is always the best!!

third: it was our class gathering with our “brother section” and it was fun and stuff but it got really emotional towards the end…… I think it’s still getting emotional right now……. things got weird but I met new people but still it was weird…….. in a bad and good way…… does that make sense?


You Can’t Have Your Cake and Pie and Ice Cream and Eat It Too

Seriously – that’s just wrong and rude and wrong. Stop it it’s not even funny anymore. You don’t get to tell people to do this and do that and get mad at them because you think they’re not listening to you even if they are but you can’t see that because you don’t look at the whole picture at all. Just stop. Please.

Weird Thoughts At 3 In The Morning

This is the history of water on the Planet Mars according to NASA

(b.y.a. = Billion Years Ago)


And I thought………

What if humans were originally from Mars but global warming or something like that happened and people found out that Earth is somewhat like Mars too so everyone moved to Earth and then Mars dried up and then it turned into the red planet now and our ancestors are just keeping everything a secret

W H A T  I F