Another [year] with the same kids, another [year] with the same drinks

Today was the first day of my junior year, a.k.a. the year that will decide where I might study college. It was an OK day… nothing g r e a t really happened but it wasn’t that bad either. I’m glad I saw most, if not all, of my close friends though.

Soooo many changes were implemented in our school this year, like 30 minutes (to 1 hour) was added to our school hours and we’re trimester now. We also have a small coffee vending machine now!!!! YAY!!!!!!! I am a coffee person and I thank God that they put one. It’s like 10 pesos per cup and sure it’s small but it’s actually an OK coffee considering it’s 10 pesos… We also have a foreign language class and… we still don’t know where we’re gonna be assigned…. I hope they’ll announce it already to end the suspense 😦

Today honestly didn’t feel like it was our first day. I am in class III – 13, and it’s like classes already started. s i g h.

Junior year will be really hectic and really busy. Our principal already said so. Wish me luck! 😦

P.S. I might not be posting that much because of school but I will try my best to post something at least once a week! (especially D.I.Y.’s because that’s like me new favourite past time hahaha!)