Today I was feeling worse than usual. I mean I’ve had this nagging feeling in me but at the same time I felt so void of emotions and I just don’t know what to do about it anymore so earlier, I asked my friend some questions that will apparently lead to self destruction and then all of a sudden she gave me some words of encouragement and I didn’t know that’s what I needed until I got her messages and I guess it was the best thing that can happen to me tonight.

AND THEN, all of my other friends sent me words of encouragement and I honestly have never felt that loved – it was the best!!

I was on my way to starting the wrong path tonight and I did not even notice it. If my friend never pointed it out I would have been stuck in the hole I’ve been digging for myself and there would be no way out. I thank God for all of these unexpected things. Life can surely give so much surprises at the right time…….. sure this rarely happens but I guess today’s events proved that when you’re really about to fall off the cliff, someone out there will pull you back before you actually do.


Make Good Choices

Today was the last day of our intramurals and they made this guy named Francis Kong talk for the closing ceremony. He was a great speaker. He talked about how winning and losing in life is really all just about the choices you make every day.

And today I was faced with ‘difficult’ choices. I had to choose between my friends and a concert I wanted to go to. When life hands you free concert tickets but you planned something before hand, I suggest you think about things first.

I chose the concert. Of course I picked the concert I mean that’s Paramore and they haven’t toured in a long time and I wasn’t able to watch the last time they went here so yes I picked them. I have no regrets whatsoever with watching the concert because they were beautiful and it made me appreciate a lot of things more. Including friends.

Last year I have decided that I will not regret anything anymore. I will just try to accept things as they are and make sure that I stand up for the choices I make. So this belief of mine stuck to me when I made my decision. When I picked the concert of course there were consequences. I had friends problems and I didn’t like the feeling I felt. It was my guilt eating me up all over again. I don’t like it. After the concert, I realized that there are just some habits of people that I can hardly tolerate and I really wish I knew about them earlier.

When you’re making choices, I suggest you know and think about what you’re doing before you give a final answer. Make sure that other people’s schedule will not be affected badly because of your impulsiveness – believe me, I learned it the hard way. So here’s to you and your future decisions. Make great choices!