The Amazing Spider-Man

Movies about super heroes (from both Marvel and DC), are on the loose right now. It’s like a super hero movie will show every 3 months now!! Nonetheless, I still enjoy every single one of them (and I’m pretty sure you do too! hahaha)


10 years ago, the very first Spider-Man movie premiered (wow I feel so old all of a sudden hahaha) and 2 more films followed. 5 years after the last was shown, you would think that there will be no more Spider-Man films, but surprise surprise! They decided to create a whole new one, and this time, it was more like the comic book version! (I think that’s great because I still believe that movie adaptations should stick to the written work as much as they can.)

Like the title, “The Amazing Spider-Man” is actually the original title of the comic book! And no, Peter Parker did not shoot webs out of his wrists, he actually invented a machine or whatever you call that in the comic book, and that was clearly shown in the movie. The villain in the latest Spidey movie is almost like the one on the comic book too! Mary Jane was not the first of Spider-Man either, it was Gwen Stacy a.k.a. Emma Stone. And apparently, Spider-Man started when he was a teenager, not someone who’s already working. (Source)

So, Marc Webber (no pun intended) and all the writers of the The Amazing Spider-Man, great job!

The world premiere date for the latest Spider-Man movie is the 3rd of July, but 2 days ago, it premiered here in the Philippines. I have been waiting for this movie since forever and yesterday, I was finally able to watch it!


This is by far, my favourite Spider-Man movie and I am going to watch it again and I will make sure it’s in 3D. The effects were good, like really good. Costume, props, and all of those were A+ as well. The story line was great! (I actually prefer this version over the original version sorry.)

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have GREAT chemistry on and off screen oh my god THEY WERE PERFECT. The rooftop and the bedroom floor scenes were adorable and sweet and you will clearly see the ~chemistry~ I was talking about.


This movie did not only stick to the comic book version, it also added a modern twist and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love it.



Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and Peter Parker

Andrew Garfield is one of my favourite actors and I was so excited when they announced that he will be the new Spider-Man so I really couldn’t explain how I acted while waiting for the movie to start yesterday, I think my mom even asked me if I was alright and at some point the straw of my drink broke, like there were cracks all over it. Oh my god. Andrew really showed the awkward and intellectual side of Peter Parker as as teenager and I salute him for that.  Despite living in England most of his life,  his American accent was really, really good. He was also an A+++++++ Spider-Man. The lycra suit suited him well…. There were some scenes where he needed to cry and that was really believable…. He’s a great actor.


Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

I love love love Emma Stone she’s like one of my role models and I love her with Andrew Garfield and I am so glad, no not only glad, I cannot even describe how happy I am that they’re together and in The Amazing Spider-Man they were just perfect and oh my god. Her hair was really blonde but she had to dye it for some of her movies but for this one, she went back to her real hair colour. She was a perfect Gwen Stacy. She played the role really well. I cannot wait for the second movie!


Rhys Ifans as The Lizard and Dr. Curt Connors

I think it’s just me and this is probably weird but he honestly looked like a cross between Ryan Gosling and a relative of Draco Malfoy to me.

ANYWAY, Rhys Ifans was pretty good! I was convinced that he was really going mad and he really missed his arm and yeah… The effects were amazing too! Like when he was transforming into The Lizard, it was interesting…


So make sure you watch this movie! It’s one A+++ movie and something you should not miss. Also make sure that you don’t leave immediately because they will show some clip hinting that there will be a sequel!! 🙂



Last year, one of the greatest TV series appeared on TV. With an extraordinarily amazing story line and an unforgettable (well at least for me) cast, Awkward has everything I can look for in a show.


It’s about “An unpopular 15 year old gains immediate, yet unwanted, popularity at her high school when the student body mistakes an accident she has for a suicide attempt.”

It may sound like a typical TV show for teens (and before I watched it, that was what I thought) but I was wrong. Season 1 was pretty unforgettable and the cliffhanger they left in the last episode just made me want to jump off a cliff. So when MTV announced that Awkward will have a second season and it will be this year, I just couldn’t wait.

Last night (for the Philippines) I was finally able to download it. It aired on the 28th in the US so we had to wait for another day because of the damned time differences 😦 but I must say that it was definitely worth the wait. I let it finish downloading and this morning when I woke up it was done! So I immediately watched it and OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL. I love how it started. I am still torn between Jake and Matty but whatever THIS SEASON IS GONNA BE AMAZING!!!!!!


Jenna finally knows who wrote the letter and this season, she’ll just find a way to tell that person that she already knows. She has to decide whether she likes Jake (on the left on both photos) or Matty (on the right in both photos) too! This will be very interesting…..


If you haven’t watched Awkward e v e r, I would suggest that you start with season 1 (NOW hahaha) because then you will actually understand what’s really happening. And if you have watched season 1, YOU NEED TO WATCH THE FIRST EPISODE SEASON 2 NOW!!!

The first episode was about Jenna’s New Year’s Eve with Jake…… and Matty. It was very….. amusing….

And who do you think did Jenna kiss when the New Year countdown ended? 🙂

Don’t waste time and watch Awkward now!!! 😀



*all photos are from MTV

**I will most likely post more things about this show someday 🙂


I love love love love love crime/detective/stuff like that tv series and movies and when I asked some of my friends what to watch, they told me to check out Sherlock.

Aaaand I never got to watch it….. until today. I didn’t know what to do and I definitely didn’t want to do my homework yet so I looked through my files and I found a folder that’s filled with Sherlock series 1 and 2. I can say that I spent my morning and afternoon well, and this is by watching Sherlock series 1 and the first episode of series 2!


It’s pretty much about Sherlock Holmes in modern day London solving crimes and puzzles with his partner, Dr. John Watson.  Each episode is an hour and 30 minutes long! So it’s like a movie except it’s not because there are two series already with 3 episodes each hahaha

The first episode appeared two years ago I think and I cannot believe I just watched this series now. I seriously recommend this to all of you. If you love CSI or Castle or shows like those, this is for you. Also it’s created and sometimes written by Steven Moffat and although most of the time the episodes (from Doctor Who and Sherlock) that he co-wrote are confusing it’s still really interesting and I think it’s a great workout for the mind.


The cast is also amazing! Benedict Cumberbatch does not only have a great face, he also has great acting skills. He plays Sherlock and he’s amazing and convincing and he really talks fast. Martin Freeman, no I don’t know if he’s related to Morgan Freeman but I want to believe that they are related, is extraordinary as well. He’s doing a great job being John…. yes…

You should all start from episode 1, series 1 so that you’ll really understand what’s happening okay. Series 1 ends with a cliffhanger and it will really suck if you don’t have series 2 so make sure you get that too!!! They haven’t announced the series premiere for series 3 yet so yeah…. just hang on there because apparently, series 2 ends with a cliffhanger worse than series 1’s cliffhanger…. yeah….

Anyway, make sure you check out Sherlock and it’s amazingness!!! 🙂

Snow White and the Huntsman

Retelling of fairy tales is pretty in right now. Just this year, 2 Snow White movies were released! The first one is Mirror, Mirror starring Lily Collins and the second one is Snow White and The Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart. I’ve watched both but I must say that what really left an impression on me was Snow White and The Huntsman.


It’s pretty much like all the fairy tales, a really beautiful girl with an evil step mother who kills her father and now she’s all locked up in a tower in their castle. The evil step mother is so evil that after the King died, everything (nature, the people in some way) died with him. But then one day the queen’s mirror revealed that only Snow White can kill her or make her immortal so she asked someone to get the girl for her but Snow White escapes and then she meets this huntsman and then they had an quite an adventure going to the other kingdom that still fights in the name of her dead father.

It may sound like another fairy tale but honestly, they have more adventures than 3 Princess movies combined.

But before they reach the castle, the evil step mother caught up with Snow White while she was walking around the place where they were resting. She made her eat an apple that triggers a memory from her childhood and then she gets poisoned and dies. Her childhood friend kisses her but she did not wake up. She was then brought to the other kingdom where her childhood friend stays and is pretty much the only kingdom left that still fights in her father’s name. But while she was dead and lying down in one of the rooms, the huntsman kissed her and boom! She lives! And then she talks to everyone about saving the people and everyone bows before her in shocked silence. And then they charge to her evil step mother’s kingdom and then after some battle, the queen dies. And then Snow White becomes the queen and they all live happily ever after.

Notice how I didn’t say who she ends up with.

That is because she does NOT end up with anyone!!! (Although there was this huge hint that it will be the huntsman,) the story ends without saying what’s gonna happen with Snow White’s love life.


That was one of the things that really caught my attention. It’s not everyday that you watch a fairy tale where the princess leads a whole kingdom to battle and does not end up with anyone. Their adventures where really cool too! I liked the part where they were in the Faerie’s place with the dwarfs. It was really pretty there…

The effects were not that bad too! The Dark Forest was actually scary and the costumes were great. (Although I have no idea how Snow White got those pants she was wearing, that is still a mystery to me)

(main) Characters:


Kristen Stewart as Snow White

Kristen Stewart is one of my favourite actresses. I like her movies and her awkwardness really left a mark on me. So when it was announced that she will be Snow White, I immediately told myself that I will watch this. She looked ah-mazing as Snow White. Snow-white skin, really black hair, and really pink/red lips. She was great! (although she was pretty awkward, it was still nice.)

Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman

He was AMAZING as the huntsman. As Thor, he has a hammer. As the Huntsman, he has an ax. When I saw the poster where he was holding an ax, I was laughing so hard cause in almost every movie he’s in, there’s a hammer or ax and idk I find it amusing. I was convinced that he was a huntsman so yes I guess he was great.

Charlize Theron as Ravenna a.k.a. The Evil Step Mother

I am in lesbians with her. Ravenna is really beautiful and cunning and wow Charlize was really good at portraying this character. She was really convincing, she looked like it too!! The Evil Step Mother was great (even if there were some parts that made me just go “WHY”)

Sam Claflin as William a.k.a. Snow White’s childhood friend

William, the son of the Duke that still fights in the name of Snow White’s dead father, is Snow White’s childhood friend who left when Ravenna took over the kingdom (no he did not leave her). They all thought Snow White was dead, but she wasn’t. So when he heard that she was alive, he did some things that in the end lead him to her. Sam Claflin was good. Yes, he did look like a prince that missed his childhood friend and probably the love of his love. He also looks fab omg.

Snow White and the Huntsman is an OK movie. I wouldn’t say it’s A++ but I would give it a B++. It was entertaining nonetheless. You should all still check it out though! 🙂

Webcam by ZBros Productions

“”Webcam” is based on actual events and was shot entirely on a computer’s webcam.
The filmmakers hope that it will make people think more about the technology that
we use every day and the effects it can have on all of us. ”

This film is an A+++ film. Not only did it raise my awareness on the things around me, it also taught me to be extra careful when I use the internet. Also to double check my webcam when I’m done using it. ALL of you should check it out!

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is one of my all time favourite trilogy/series. EVER. So when I heard that there will be a movie, I was sooooooooooo excited! I immediately discussed with my friends who should play who. We were actually all rooting for Kaya Scodelario to play the role or Katniss. We were so sure that she’ll get the role.

But when the cast list was released, we found out that Jennifer Lawrence would play Katniss, Josh Hutcherson would play the role of Peeta, Alexander Ludwig would play the role of Cato, and so much more…. I wouldn’t say that we were not disappointed at first because we thought that some other actors could have played the roles better… but eventually we learned to accept it.

Months later, photos of the ongoing shooting was released and eventually, videos. That definitely got us excited. We saw that maybe for once, there would be a movie that’s exactly like the book. We also realised that the cast was also really good. We had countdowns and the like because we couldn’t wait until March 21 and 22, the premiere dates of The Hunger Games in the Philippines.

The day finally came and all of us were trying to convince our parents to let us watch on the premiere days. I watched the last full screening last night and oh my god, I could NOT stay still. I was moving and changing my seating position like crazy!! When they released the trailers, we thought it will be just like the book, but when I watched the movie, it was somewhat like the book… but nonetheless, it was great despite the “Why didn’t they include that part!” scenes.

The movie is a little more than 2 hours and I honestly think that you should all watch it. I’d highly recommend it for those who actually read the book — you have to watch it. And for those who didn’t read the book, well you can give it a go, it’s really interesting even if most parts are quiet… but then eventually you have to read the book because the books are A+++++ books.



Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen

As I said earlier, we thought Kaya Scodelario would be the best Katniss… but Jennifer Lawrence was also amazing. I saw her previous movies, and I thought she was a great actress. So when I finally got to watch the The Hunger Games last night, I saw that she was also good. It was also a good thing that she loved the series so she really was able to portray the role well.


Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark

When we saw the cast list, our first question was why? Why did they choose Josh Hutcherson? I mean he is one of the most talented actors we know but as Peeta?? We they could have chosen a better Peeta…. But after last night, we took it back. I watched some interviews of the cast before watching the movie, and I learned that Josh Hutcherson really wanted to play Peeta especially because he loves the book. And in the movie, he was amazing. He played the role of Peeta very well. Even if we first thought Callan McAuliffe or Hunter Parish could have been a better Peeta, Josh did great and in my opinion, this is one of his best movies.


Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorn

We never really thought Liam Hemsworth would be the best Gale… never…. but after watching the movie I think he did okay as Gale! He was able to portray the District 12 boy role well and he was able to convince everyone that he liked Katniss that way even if they did not read the book.


Alexander Ludwig as Cato

When I read the book, I imagined Cato, the boy tribute from District 2, as someone who is big, muscular, intimidating, and really weird looking. And Alexander Ludwig didn’t let me down. Well except for the “weird looking” part because damn son he is hot. He played the role well and he was great!


Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket

She was amazing. I was totally convinced that she was happy when she’s suppose to be happy and that she was really one of those Capitol people. Her outfit and make-up was exceptional too.

Check out the full cast list here!

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